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The Wisdom of Pope Francis - 365 days of inspiration

The Wisdom of Pope Francis - 365 days of inspiration

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This single gesture told the world that this Pope would not just be proclaiming the teachings of Jesus and his church. Here was a man eager to listen and ready to engage the whole world in a conversation that is both ancient and fresh.

The Wisdom of Pope Francis is a collection of his most inspiring, accessible, and challenging ideas. Journey with him through the year as he leads you deeper into the heart of God. Along the way you will discover yourself in new and exciting ways, and develop a fresh understanding of what it means to be a member of the human family in the modern world.

You could spend hundreds of hours reading the writings and speeches of Pope Francis, but here in your hands you have the heart and soul of his message. With an outstanding introduction by Matthew Kelly one of the great thought-leaders of our time this collection has been carefully curated to provide you with a powerful experience. Read, reflect, and allow these words to transform you into a-better-version-of-yourself.

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