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A Friendly Guide to the Catholic Tradition

A Friendly Guide to the Catholic Tradition

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A Friendly Guide to the Catholic Tradition introduces the reader to what Catholics believe, from a description of Jesus, to the Mass, Gospels, symbols, reconciliation, prayer, and a helpful explanation of the words that are used in ritual and sacramental programs, as well as historical facts about the Catholic church in New Zealand.

In the preface, author Tony Doherty states that this book is 'a modest overview for someone coming into contact with the church perhaps for the first time, or for someone refreshing their acquaintance with Catholic tradition.

The very nature of this book is friendly and welcoming, putting at ease anyone approaching the church from within or from outside the Catholic community. It will be greatly appreciated by people working in Catholic schools or other agencies who do not come from a Catholic background. It will be invaluable for Catholics themselves, and also for those who are marrying a Catholic spouse. It presents what we believe in a very attractive manner, but provides sufficient leads for those who would like to find out more.

"I can see myself sharing it with many who make enquiries about the Catholic Church". Bishop Patrick Dunn.

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