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Jesus is Risen

Jesus is Risen

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Your favorite Bible stories come alive in this bright and colorful series that divides the Bible into 12 books of 29 stories each. Children will love the illustrations and easily understand the words of this paraphrased version. Look for the other 11 titles and/or the complete set which are also available. Stories include: Special meal prepared, New command, Leaders shall serve, Jesus washes feet, Jesus sets example, Lord's supper, Peter will deny Jesus, Home in Heaven, Jesus prays for His followers, Disciples fall asleep, Betrayed with a kiss, Jesus taken away, Peter's denial, Jesus questioned, Jesus sent to Herod, Pilate tries to free Jesus, Jesus sentenced to death, Weeping women, Jesus nailed to cross, Jesus dies, Earth trembles, Jesus is buried, Jesus has risen, Empty tomb, Jesus appears to disciples, Thomas touches wounds, Net full of fish, Jesus and Peter, Jesus returns to God

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